Halibut Electronics’ website (the one that doesn’t look like it was made in the late 90s) is live!

And!! The Common Mode Current Choke Test Rig is available for sale!

@electronics is there a door prize for folx that place orders on the first day of business 😉

@N3VEM @electronics What about those of us who fired up their time machines and placed their orders last week‽

@K5KHK @N3VEM You'd have to be subscribed to the email list to do that... ;-)

@electronics @N3VEM Vance got his a day before mine arrived, so my early order did not result in an early delivery - (maybe the USPS has a Time Machine as well, I think they call them storage facilities) not that I would have had any more time to put it together. ;)

@N3VEM Y'all get a free sticker!

Spoiler: So do everyone else. ;-)

@N3VEM Is that a sticker? Or were you one of the few people that got a magnet?

@electronics I lucked out I guess, and got one of the magnets😀.

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