Chased some ghz sota today. Its either all or nowt.

Feeling like a pro until anyone asks and I tell them that I bought a xverter. 🙂

@g0fcu not from home Simon. I usually pop up to a pumping station on the top of a hill. About 15 mins from qth to qso. I would like to get a dish I think for the longer chases. Something light and portable. One of those snazzy military things

@g7kse A beam may be easier to carry. I've got the parts to build a patch antenna, also a cell phone base station amplifier to convert but I seem to have destroyed my '1W' amp so am waiting for a new one to arrive.

@g0fcu I'm quite happy with the PCB antenna for activating summits but when chasing GM4COX and a few others can be just a bit too far sometimes. I'd quite like to build something for oscar 100 as well that isn't permanent as the sea air kills just about everything in seconds

@g7kse I am thinking I'll use the dish I picked up at the recycling centre with a patch antenna for QO100.

@g0fcu at this rate I'll probably convince myself that I need another xverter. I'm not sure about the tx up and web sdr for receiving but it's an option.

I've also been replacing the shed for the last 3 years so this could go either way 😂

@g7kse there are plenty of designs for single dish working, e.g. patch antenna or helical with an lnb behind with two feeders Then you can use an RTL dongle for rx. Lnb has to be a pll type for stability and you need a bias-t to power the lnb but that's simple.

@g0fcu @g7kse I did manage to buy a PLL type LNB for QO100 which made received signals sound terrible so caveat emptor. Fortunately it was dirt cheap and I struck lucky with a different make LNB but both were under a tenner.

@io83MZero @g0fcu I should stop doing other stuff and just get on with it. Think I should order another xverter just to be safe

@g7kse @g0fcu it didn't take long to cobble together RX, a matter of an hour or so, TX still eludes me, there's a Nokia PA under my desk to modify and a POTY to build and and and...

@mark @g7kse @g0fcu I thought I'd finished one once, but it just turned out to be the end of level boss and a save point.

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