If you are seeing this, please recommend me #retrocomputing Masto accounts to follow.

Looks like Musk has capitulated and has offered to uphold his original Twitter buyout offer. Basically: expect another influx soon, Fediverse.


Heads up #Mastodon, sounds like #ElonMusk is buying #Twitter after all. I wonder if (hope) there will be another influx of signups.

Any #hams have a #BuddiStick with the Long Telescopic Whip?
I need help with the antenna settings, antenna length and coil clips for different bands. The manual is only for standard whip.

Last call on ordering a batch of my social tokens before I shut down the online order link. buy.stripe.com/6oE14TfF40KtbVm

anyone know of any novel ways to produce a pseudo random sequence with nothing but your brain and a pen and paper? (potentially with other paper with a reusable cypher or something)

methods that avoid needing to do math in your head are a plus

I don't have a dedicated space to do soldering, play radio, etc.

It would be desirable to be able to put away all the paraphernalia and easily transport it. Probably not big stuff like the PSU but definitely soldering iron, work-in-progress projects etc.

I'm wondering about peli / pelican cases. Well, not real pelicases I can't afford that.

Anyone have any experience, suggestions, good/bad etc.?

So far so good on this informal pronouns survey for anyone of any gender - about 1,500 responses. :)


It could do with more men (especially cis men) participating, and more cis women too, so RTs welcome! It closes on Tuesday.

music, recording, bass 

bass players that record: how do you record your bass? DI box? out from your amp? mic'd? do you use any plugins?

Taking care of myself doesn't mean 'me first.' It means 'me, too.” ~ L.R. Knost

We had to put my kitty Ezra Bridger to sleep tonight. He came down with a very aggressive lymphoma and deteriorated very quickly, in the space of a week or two.

Full thread is on twitter: twitter.com/smittyhalibut/stat (spoiler: it was not diabetes.)

Posting here to share pictures of literally the snuggliest cat I have ever met, let alone owned.

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