@bren that is a HUGE LiFePo4 battery! I now have stored potential envy.

it's for my 200watt solar array. But it's gonna be useful for radio purposes!

@bren is this a better battery to use for solar than an lead deep cycles? Not a criticism, just learning.

Yes, definitely!

This battery replaced a set of 2 6-volt golf cart batteries which died after 3 years

@W1CDN LiFePo4 has a better discharge curve too - lead acid drops off fast, so the voltage supplied gets low quick, LiFePo4 stays at its rated voltage longer into its charge. (powertechsystems.eu/wp-content) They also can be charged/discharged more - something like 2k charge discharge cycles vs lead acids 200 (numbers prob not exact - going by memory)

@W1CDN @smitty glad to get confirmation on that - I’m never quite 100% sure about the reliability of the meat-based archival system I’ve got over here😁

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