@TheGibson one of my first projects at Amazon (in 2000) was to put a wishlist button everywhere there was an add to cart button. I reversed the “add to cart” v “preorder” logic on music search, probably cost ~$100k in sales over 24hr. More than twice my annual salary at the time.


@tithonium @thegibson I too have caused a NA Order Drop!

Me: *clicks button*
TOS: Order drop!
Me: …was that me?
Coworkers: Nope. We do this all the time. It’s good.
Me: Ok… *continues*
TOS: *continues debugging order drop*
Me, 15 minutes later: *finishes, clicks button again*
TOS: Order recovery!
Me: …
*30 minutes pass*
Me: I need to click the button again.
Coworkers: It’s cool, wasn’t you.
Me: *clicks button*
TOS: Order drop!
Me: *clicks button again, steps away*

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