Hey #amateurRadio fediverse!

@Wilfred does #towerTuesday but it's all from twitter :alex_sob:

Can we do #fediTowerTuesday and show off our aerials and stuff? :alex_partying: :radio_tower:


@M0YNG @Wilfred A post showing my current set of antennas:
* Discone in foreground. 25MHz to 1.3GHz.
* Diamond X30 behind it, 2m and 70cm.
* Comet H422 on 40ft mast at back corner of house. 40, 20, 15, and 10m rotatable dipole.

Not visible:
* 40m end fed half wave at 20ft around back yard perimeter.
* 1090MHz and 978MHz ADSB receivers on shed in back yard.

Nice collection sir. Your neighbors will not find this arrangement a nuisance.

The X30 is also on the wish list here. Do you only use the Discone for the RX?

73 from the Netherlands.

@Wilfred I only just put it up. My goal is to put an auto-switching LNA on it so I can transmit, but not suffer too much from the excessive long and old feedline, I’d guess 10db loss or more. Goal is for satellite use. Rx most of the time, probably put it on SatNOGS, but occasionally Tx.

Very interesting matter. I'm curious about the developments.

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